Nerdit Kon Moroz, 
Medical Aesthetics Unit Manager  
Works at Tradis Gat since: 2007 
“For me, Tradis Gat represents family, excellence and self-actualization. What makes the company unique is its integrity, professionalism, quality, excellence and personal attention.
What’s special in my field of work is the ability to influence, to develop and raise the level of aesthetic medicine in Israel by enriching professional knowledge along with a winning combination of quality products, wonderful service, development of the doctor and development of the clinic.
I am happy that I have the ability to provide my employees with tools to consistently excel from one year to the next, and to lead in the market segments in which we are active by building a sincere and effective partnership with our customers. I am also proud of the establishment of the academy for teaching injecting and training a staff of trainers to lead this academy.
In Tradis Gat in general, and in my department, in particular, we strive for excellence and we don’t settle for anything else.”
Shulamit Aharon,
Customer Service

Works at Tradis Gat since: 1990
My tasks are very varied. I specifically handle taking orders from pharmacies and telemarketing. 
The time passes quickly and I enjoy my work very much especially when I can provide efficient and quick service and connect to pharmacists providing them with excellent service while selling medications to pharmacies.
Tradis Gat has a reputation for reliability; a company that does whatever it takes so that the customer is satisfied. It provides quality service and sells the best quality products. My customers know that they can depend on me to do everything to their satisfaction and that they can rely on my word.
Whoever comes to work at Tradis Gat has to come with a lot of motivation to learn and to advance in his field and he will gain from a company with educated, serious and amiable employees who work in their respective fields with responsibility and a smile. The company is like a warm and loving home and I feel like part of the family.”   

Ronen Shefi,
Orthopedic Sales Rep and Head of Orthopedic Trauma
Works at Tradis Gat since: 2011 
“Being an orthopedic sales rep atTradis Gat is a dynamic job and requires dealing with complex challenges as well as determination, patience, professionalism and working round the clock.
As a rep, I know that I am selling the most innovative and efficient equipment and that I have trained the medical staff to work well with it. In addition, I am present at the surgeries and am ready to assist and to help shorten the length of the procedures and provide a higher level of quality to the surgeries themselves which, of course, are the most important two parameters for the patient. I feel the satisfaction of having helped a sick person and that’s what I like in this job – the challenges and the successes along with the feeling of satisfaction from having made a contribution.
For my customers, (the surgeons) it’s important that the right equipment be in the right place at the right time, that surgeries aren’t delayed, that they end as quickly as possible and that they be of the highest quality that they can.  I am available to my customers at all times and reach my goals while helping others and I am proud of my positive and friendly relations with doctors, customers and my fellow colleagues at Tradis Gat.
Nir Bassan,
Technical Manager

Works at Tradis Gat since: 1993
“Tradis Gat is the first company I came to after completing my studies.
The people who work here are quality people, reliable, hard workers with mutual respect, integrity and diligence.
My specific job combines work in the office with work in the field and that’s what I love most.
We excel at providing fast and efficient service to eye clinics, ophthalmic departments, optometrists and private clinics.
From my point of view, successful service means that the equipment returns to functioning as quickly and reliably as possible and that I go home at the end of the day with a smile on my face.”