The international companies whom we represent in Israel are world leaders in their fields; companies with the most reliable and innovative products with the leading clinical developments and advantages in the market. Through our efforts to provide marketing services, we introduce products to the Israeli market, develop the existing market, and are pioneers in our fields comprising a dominant and leading chunk in the Israeli market.
The resources that we allocate for our marketing activities are ideally suited to the Israeli market. We adjust ourselves according to its changing character in light of changes in the economy, security situation and social and technological changes.
We market in a fair, honest and professional manner the products and services for a wide customer base including the institutional market (hospitals), organizations (pharmacies and sick funds) and the private market (clinics, health institutes and private customers). We invest much effort to make the products and services accessible to a range of customers through express delivery and immediate supply and making medications easily available in pharmacies, sick funds and the health basket.
Over and above leading products and services, we encourage each one of our employees to strive to utilize their maximum potential, knowledge, enrichment and experience. We believe that in order to be the leaders in our field, we must take the lead, learn and become as professional as possible, invest in human resources so that they will be a source of credible and up-to-date information for our customers.
Our sales representatives are skilled and work according to a Sales Force Effectiveness Program that includes precise customer segmentation, setting goals in tandem with frequency of customer interaction while using advanced tools for monitoring and controlling efficiency and tapping the potential of the team.
Our Customer Services department is also attuned to the unique needs of our customers who oftentimes need service with alacrity in dealing with emergency situations.
We ensure that every interaction with customers is an opportunity to give them an experience of quality, loyalty and availability.