Import and marketing of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment 
                                     To Israel, Using the world’s most advanced technology
  • Excellence, Integrity and Quality
    brooking no compromise!
  • Tradis Gat is proud of its contribution

    to the advancement of medicine in Israel

    and the improvement of quality of life,

    for many patients.


About Tradis Gat LTD.

Tradis Gat Ltd., established in 1963, specializes in importing and marketing medicines and medical equipment. 
We are proud to be taking an active part in, and contributing to, the advancement of medicine in Israel and improving the quality of life for many patients.
The company employs 70 employees who are professionals in their field. Employees are divided into different departments, which enables providing professional focus on specific fields, ongoing learning and meeting quality and service goals at the highest possible standards.
The values with which the company is managed and are the priority of the employees and management are Innovation (business and medical), Access and Quality.
Business and Medical Innovation – The company aspires to import the most advanced medicines and medical products in the world, to maintain professional openness and relevance, to be constantly up-to-date by participating in professional conferences and organizing courses, trainings and professional meetings given by senior doctors from Israel and around the world, to look out for opportunities and challenges and to be pioneers in various medical fields.
Access -   Constant striving for excellence in operations, quick response and quick work turnover. A competitive price and access to medicine for patients in the Health Basket, pharmacies and the sick funds are the basis for our success.
Quality – Quality without compromise! From the selection of products to matching the service to the customer, quick supply, efficiency, the best and advanced response to the caregiver and patient while maintaining integrity and fair business practice.
The company works in such a way that these values guide both management and employees with a constant striving to strengthen our commitment and complete congruence between the values we espouse and the activities and management in the field.

Our Areas of Specialization: Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Urology, Neurology, Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic and Reconstruction, ENT, Audiology, Orthopedics, Arthroscopy and Trauma, Sports Medicine, Wound Management, Imaging and Measurement, General Supplies for Clinics and ORs, Bariatrics, Gastroenterology.

Tradis gat is the Israeli repesentative of RX-alliance'


The training program runs in Israel and around the world, both independently, and in cooperation with the Association of Professional Physicians. We support the activities of the association and update anyone interested, in an ongoing manner.
Our training program is meant to answer the needs related to narrowing the gaps in knowledge and skill with the devices, medical equipment and medicines, which we market.
Our training unit develops training programs in a range of ways:

1. Our trainers – professional employees at Tradis Gat who have intensive knowledge regarding a specific area or product, which they transmit to the professionals in their field.

2. Training Doctors – We locate doctors with a high level of potential for success in local and international training and send them on a special program to give over professional training and continuing education in Israel and abroad. These same doctors teach at conferences, in courses, continuing education and at local lectures, which we organize.

3. Lecturers with an international reputation – we have a network of connections with the best lecturers on an international level who come to Israel to give specific lectures, workshops and trainings.

4. Round Table and Debate –  An assembly of leading doctors who discuss issues connected to their specialty, who raise problems and offer solutions and share information and professionalism.

5.  Personal Guidance – Personal Guidance in operating and using the product in order to ensure optimal medical results by reaching its clinical potential. The trainings are geared to professionals (doctors, surgeons, nurses and speech therapists) and are especially suited for specific populations while matching the speaker to the product and to the relevant target audience.



We employ skilled personnel in the field of logistics who are responsible for the operations and management of a variety of transportation and storage distribution and control systems. These employees undergo periodic training regarding products and procedures, and work in accordance with work procedures worded according to GMP, GDP and ISO requirements.


Our import managers are highly skills in different and advanced methods of ongoing efficient and safe delivery assurance, which is in cooperation with, and a thorough and firsthand knowledge of, international distribution processes. In order to ensure quality control of the medicines and products, we insist on a chain of transport under conditions of temperature control required by the Ministry of Health to safeguard the quality of the products. There is ongoing control from the moment the shipment leaves the manufacturer’s warehouse until it arrives at our warehouse, under suitable conditions on the ship or plane and afterwards at the airport or port.


We distribute merchandise to over 1,500 distribution points. In order to ensure quick and safe supply of medical equipment and medicines, we have courier services working around the clock while ensuring the most suitable conditions for the products.

Storage and Control

Our warehouses are equipped with equipment to maintain monitored temperatures and humidity 24 hours a day with a warning system for deviations. We are scrupulous in performing periodic validation tests for the warehouses and the fleet of vehicles reading temperatures and humidity. Our supply is managed by a computerized system that allows for constant surveillance over the amount of supply and its refill according to market needs.


Part of being a company that imports and markets pharmaceuticals and medical equipment in Israel, the company’s management has constructed a strict Quality Assurance and Regulatory Policy and views applying this policy as a central principle in the company’s work procedure management and providing customer service.

We are committed to providing our customers with high quality products and integrating the principles of The Quality Management Systems standard ISO 9001:2015 in all our work procedures, to work in compliance with GMP and GDP requirements and according to all relevant laws and regulations of the State of Israel in our field of operations.

Our Regulatory Department is consistently being updated and operates under a control mechanism in order to locate defects all with the goal of providing our customers with products of the highest quality. The main activities of the department involve updating licenses, packaging, and pharmaceutical brochures according to the registration file, responsibility for the pharmaceutical warehouse, supervision of permitting the marketing of lots to the Israeli market, concentrating the company’s pharmaceutical follow-up, dealing with complaints and ongoing professional work in conjunction with manufacturers and the Israel Ministry of Health. We meticulously ensure transmission of precise and reliable information to physicians and to the public regarding use of the products.

The procedures, which dictate the company’s operations, are strict and comply with global regulatory procedures as we market products certified by the FDA and the European EMA authority.




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